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This Do in Remembrance

Written by Susan Noyes Anderson on . Posted in LDS Poems, Poems about Christ

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©2014 Susan Noyes Anderson

This do in remembrance of me, He said,
blessing and breaking the Passover bread.
Take now and eat, for my body is pure,
yet sorrow and sin will be mine to endure.

Drink of the cup, blood spilled freely for you.
Honor our covenant. Strive to be true,
and use my atonement to keep yourselves clean.
Cherish these symbols; recall what they mean.

Simple instructions were given that day.
Many have lost them and fallen away.
Others uphold them in word but not deed,
claiming to know Him but failing to heed.

What will Saints do when the tray comes around?
Will we think of Jesus, to whom all are bound,
or let our minds wander wherever they will,
forgetting what happened on Calvary’s hill?

I never knew you are hard words to hear,
but we have been warned, and Christ’s meaning is clear:
Disciples must value His life and its price,
else they have denied Him and His sacrifice.

How then can He know us, for we can’t know Him
deterred by indifference and unresolved sin.
The bread and the water demand urgent thought:
remembrance…repentance…to live as He taught.

The gift of the sacrament changes a heart,
but those who partake must remember their part.
The Savior provided the Light and the Way.
May we be renewed in Him each Sabbath Day.

Luke 22:19 and Matthew 7:23
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