Nativity Poem

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We all have heard the story, it’s been told and then retold,
about the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem of old.
Yet every Christmastide the tale bears telling once again,
as we reflect on that sweet babe, born to redeem all men.

A decree went out from Caesar, and so it came to pass,
that Joseph and sweet Mary went to David to be taxed.
Though Mary journeyed wearily, for she was great with child,
when Joseph wept to see her pain, she looked at him and smiled:
“Fear not for me, dear Husband, among women I am blessed,
but now my time draws near, and we must find a place to rest.”

In desperate need of shelter, they pushed on to Bethlehem,
only to find the inns were full, no room was offered them.
Still Joseph knocked on every door till one innkeeper said,
“Seek refuge in my stable––Here’s some straw to make a bed.”
And Mary gratefully sank down into that new-mown hay,
and gave birth to the Savior that first, sacred Christmas Day.

A shining star rose in the sky above that holy place,
as Mary gazed upon her child and touched His radiant face.
The shepherds and the wise men came, led by that glorious star,
and angels sang out praises as they journeyed from afar.
They somehow knew the child was sent to bring the world His light
and their hearts were filled with wonder as they looked on Him that night.

So was our Lord and Savior born, in humble majesty,
to save us from our earthly sins and seal our destiny.
On this and every Christmas Day, we thank the Lord above,
for sending our Redeemer to bless us with His love.

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