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Welcome to my collection of original “funny poems,” free for non-commercial use only. Some ask why I’ve let these funny poems roam the internet at will, and the answer is simple. Like all good poems, they need an audience…and we’re glad you’ve applied for the job! So buckle up, enjoy the ride, and sample humor that ranges from silly to smart alecky, from tender to tongue-in-cheek. You’re sure to find something you like and go home with a smile. And if you’re looking for something funny for children specifically, be sure to check out our Children’s poems category. (Please request permission by email and include full copyright information on every copy made. For internet use, a link back to the poem on this website is required.)


The Cure

Written by Susan Anderson on . Posted in Funny Poems

©2011 Susan Noyes Anderson (poem only)


When chamomile tea she slurped,
Leigh stayed awake but soundly burped.
The melatonin was okay,
but left her groggy the next day.

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