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Writing “life lessons” poems is one of the ways I connect with life, learn from it, and move myself through the inevitable ups and downs with as much grace as possible. And what better way to find grace than in the words of a poem? Thank you for gracing me with your presence here, and don’t forget to send a request my way before using. (Please include full copyright information on every copy. For internet use, a link back to the poem on this site is required.)

FINDING THE POEM YOU WANT:  As you scroll through this section, simply read each snippet sample (usually the first four lines) to get a feel for the poem. When you find something you like, click “CONTINUE READING” to view the entire poem.

mourning a lost child

A Mother’s Song

Written by Susan Noyes Anderson on . Posted in Life Lessons Poems

©2011 Susan Noyes Anderson
Artwork by Katie M. Berggren

I took you in my arms the day you came into this world.
Around your head, it almost seemed that bits of heaven swirled.
I nurtured you and cared for you and read you “Goodnight, Moon.”
But then your life came calling. You slipped away too soon.

navigating grief

The Song of Grief

Written by Susan Noyes Anderson on . Posted in Life Lessons Poems, Poems about Death

A little over six months into this journey, I find myself trying to negotiate a sort of uneasy truce with the heartache of losing my son. I am realizing grief will be with me for a lifetime, and I feel like I’m closing in on a vision of how to carry it. On my best days, I let it sing to me, sweet memories of his life and essence that draw me closer to him and to the Savior.
©2019 Susan Noyes Anderson

I think that as the time goes by
I feel your absence more.
The stark finality of it
grows harder to ignore.

All material ©copyright of Susan Noyes Anderson

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