Christmas Poems

I am especially pleased to share these Christmas poems with you, because they are near and dear to my heart. The celebration of Christ’s birth is such a joyful occasion that I can’t help trying to capture it in verse, and I hope your Christmas will be a little more merry for having visited. (Please email a request for permission before using and include full copyright information on every copy. For internet use, a link back to this site is required.)

FINDING THE POEM YOU WANT:  As you scroll through this section, simply read each snippet sample (usually the first four lines) to get a feel for the poem. When you find something you like, click “CONTINUE READING” to view the entire poem.

Jesus Christ

Oh Come, Let Us Adore

Written by Susan Noyes Anderson on . Posted in Christmas Poems, Poems about Christ

©1997 Susan Noyes Anderson (poem only)


With joy and hope, we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.
We speak of His example, of His love and sacrifice.
Our voices raise in carols praising Him, each sacred strain
a witness that the Lord did come and sank beneath our pain
to take our sins upon Himself, a perfect gift of love,
from our own Elder Brother, He who waits for us above.

All material ©copyright of Susan Noyes Anderson

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