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Notes on Grief: The Second Year

Written by Susan Noyes Anderson on . Posted in Poems about Death

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Sculpture: Melancolie, by Albert Gyorgy

A new level of missing you
has settled on my heart.
Year two, and I am still undone
by living life apart.

Reality has come to stay;
the world goes on without you.
But my world is forever changed,
shaded by thoughts about you.

I feel your absence in my core,
a part of me quite gone,
a piece so vital I must learn
a new way to go on.

Bereft, I try to draw you close,
but time just makes that harder.
As months go by, the space between us
seems to stretch out farther.

It’s not what I expected, for
I truly did believe
connection was an art that
I could master as I grieved.

I thought it would get easier,
convinced I’d find a knack
of keeping you so near me
it would all but bring you back.

Yet while sometimes I feel your spirit,
present as can be;
it’s not as often as I’d like,
not near enough for me.

I’m told that I should just let go;
and in some ways, I do.
But my heart never will release
the piece of me called You.

(I think that’s as it should be,
trust in God to see us through.)

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