pride and humility

The Fall from Grace

Written by Susan Noyes Anderson on . Posted in LDS Poems, Life Lessons Poems, Poems about Christ

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©2017 Susan Noyes Anderson

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When I look in and cannot hide
the emptiness that reigns inside,
I wonder what has altered me,
erasing hues I used to see.

The song upon my heart once borne
no longer cheers a solemn morn;
and as the shadows start to fall,
I find in me no joy at all.

So soft and silent comes the gloom,
so subtle its impending doom
that I am caught quite unaware,
surprised by darkness everywhere.

My pathway has been breached again.
I’ve slipped from mountaintop to glen
to deep and craggy vale of fears,
a rising gorge of unshed tears.

Gone are the moon, the stars, the sun,
the peace of  mind so bravely won,
loosed from my grasp with careless ease,
the high ground ceded by degrees.

And so I start the climb once more,
as I have done so oft before.
The cycle comes; the cycles goes;
my life caught up within its throes.

Why must I lose my way to see
the light my Father offers me?
Once safe and warm inside His glow,
my heart neglects the truths I know.

Lord, I would seize humility
before it thrusts itself at me.
My need for thee must show its face
in times of woe, in times of grace.

O, keep me grateful; make me wise.
Let faith and prayer uncloud my eyes.
The cycle ends when I decide
to ever hold thy Light inside.

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