religious freedom

The Love of God: Terror in Orlando

Written by Susan Noyes Anderson on . Posted in Life Lessons Poems

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©2016 Susan Noyes Anderson

religious freedom

Religion is no bullet in the night,
no savage spewing of self-righteous might.
Truth is not verified by lifeblood shed,
nor does proof correlate with tallied dead.

Judgment belongs to God and God alone.
Belief, our gift to Him, is ours to own.
His people look on others with His eyes,
heartbound to love and honor, not despise.

God will not justify ungodly deeds,
committed to indulge our basest needs.
His goodness shuns the darkness, shines the light.
And every soul stands sacred in His sight.

Humility proves stronger than the sword.
Evil for evil earns its own reward.
God is not served by cruel, unyielding creeds.
The way is His; in peaceful paths He leads.

Then let us fill the measure of our birth
by walking in God’s footsteps here on earth.
For we are His, to Him we shall return.
Love is the lesson each of us must learn.


Praying for the families of 50 young Americans, shot and killed in Orlando.
Praying for our country, too…and a world that seems to have lost its way.

Such utter, reckless disregard for the sacred nature of human life is a tragedy,
one I fear we will see more frequently in years to come.
May we find better ways to face an uncertain future together,
in love and in unity, refusing to become less than we are
in the struggle to preserve all that we have been and are meant to be.

We can and must seek out the light and stand in it.

“Wherefore, stand ye in holy places, and be not moved,
until the day of the Lord come…”
D&C 87:8

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