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The Dark Side of the Stars

Written by Susan Noyes Anderson on . Posted in Love Poems

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©2013 Susan Noyes Anderson


Love has an underbelly.
(Yes, my darling, even ours.)
There beneath the hearts and flowers
lie the burrs and scars.

No passion worth its while escapes
a wound that pierces deep.
Love makes promises……too many
promises to keep.

Life diffuses black-and-white
to marbled shades of grey.
Love is perfect; love is kind
Love has feet of clay.

So gather every tender glow
like fireflies in jars,
and light the sky as proof against
the dark side of the stars.

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Every marriage or relationship is imperfect, no matter how good it looks (or feels) in the moment. Challenges come, and the qualifying ingredient of longstanding love is commitment. Living with someone else, even the most compatible of partners, creates conflict. At times, imperfect people must and will hurt one another; it’s unavoidable. Happily, those determined to persevere can reap the benefits of shared history, along with the increased devotion that comes from navigating rough waters together. Joys are deeper when bonds are stronger, and strengthening bonds takes time, devotion, and a willingness to accept the other partner in all his (or her) shades and colors. For the lucky ones, that acceptance is returned in kind.

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