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Let Freedom Ring

Written by Susan Noyes Anderson on . Posted in Holiday Poems, Patriotic Poems

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©2013 Susan Noyes Anderson

image by Barth Bailey

Our history is glorious.
Why should we not stand proud?
And yet, today, so many feel
that pride is not allowed.

Can our missteps obscure the truth
that much of what we’ve done
has nurtured peace and freedom
in the lives of everyone?

If we have made mistakes (we have),
does that erase the good?
How many threats to freedom have
our valiant hearts withstood?

We are Americans, the
keepers of our legacy.
The way we view ourselves predicts
the nation we will be.

Our country runs imperfectly;
we’re learning as we grow.
But let us not forget that greatness,
forged so long ago.

Our heritage ennobles us.
Allow it room to breathe!
Set free the roots of who we are;
drink deeply and believe…

In “Give me liberty or death,”
in “Stars and Stripes Forever,”
in melting pots and second shots
and dreaming BIG, together.

United, stand. Divided, fall
in this land of the free…
not one in practice, nor in thought,
but one in liberty.

Embrace the tired, the poor, the masses…
raise that torch up high.
And when our country’s colors burst
against the summer sky,

Remember to salute with pride
the things they signify.

The happiest of Independence Days to all you patriots out there!

Let’s keep that love of country alive.

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